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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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thank you to all of our guests. see you next time. >> >> the secretary of state john kerry cancels a planned trip to the middle east as the palestine president pushes for international recognition. hello and welcome to al jazeera america, live from our broadcast center in doha. also coming up, a massive earthquake off chile's coast. five people are thought to have died at least. >> violence in venezuela, riot police clash with anti-government protesters. >> on the campaign trail we join a leading contender for the
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african presidency, days ahead. election. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry cancelled a planned trip to the middle east to mediate ongoing talks, before the palestine president signed treaties pushing for international recognition. people in bethlehem welcomed the mood. israel and the united states wanted to delay the signing until after talks happened. mahmoud abbas said he made the decision after israel failed to carry out a promised release of israeli prisoners. stefanie dekker reports. >> the message was simple and unexpected. enough is enough. >> translation: the palestine leadership unanimously agreed to approve a number of treaties, agreements and organizations reaching a total of about 12, and i have signed one of them
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now. >> that was something the palestinians promised not to do white the talks were ongoing. but as israel failed to agree to a release of prisoners, part of an agreement, pushed the talks to an uncertainly future. >> secretary of state john kerry, who was desperately trying to save the talks, warned of writing them off altogether. >> at this point in time no agreement has been reached with respect to any prisoner, not even the ones that at this moment are at issue in terms of the transfer. they were supposed to have been released on saturday. an issue for his rail, 14 israeli prisoners. it was warned it would lead to the coalition collision -- to
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collapse. >> it's a message to the world and israel that we cannot sit and watch our land be confiscated and settlements expanding and the destruction or the last possibility of solution. [ inaudible ] they were taking palestine leadership for granted. this is the response. they are killing the people. [ inaudible ] >> and stephanie joins us live from ramallah in the i hoped west bank. are we -- in the occupied west bank. are we clear as to what the palestinians will be signing up to? >> they are signing 15 conventions. we are trying to make it clear what it is. the geneva convention is making it clear. at the moment it comes to people
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under war and occupation. there's convention that deals with prisoners. this is a significant step over people who say there's not a legally binding issue. it's a political matter. it's a long progress. in the context of the talks it's a message to the americans and israelis saying, "we don't believe you are serious, because you have not abided by promises to us nine months ago", people are upset. settlements are expanding in the occupied west bank. home demolitions are up by double. they don't think they are getting anything out of it, and the talks are learning to manage the occupation rather than ending it. >> mahmoud abbas's actions seem to have caught the american and israelis by surprise. how much will this jeopardise a
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full resumption of the talks? >> it was surprising. no one expected the palestine president to take this stance. many criticised him for not taking a strong stance, so i think he's been well received here, certainly the papers praising mahmoud abbas. he says the only way to find peace is through talks. he hasn't closed the door. john kerry said it's too early to make decisions. the team is on the ground talking to both sides. there's a few weeks to go. april 29th is the official deadline of the framework. they think it may be to get
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something more to move the issue forward. it's all about extending the talks. the future of jerusalem, borders, security - they haven't been addressed. that tells you how difficult it is to get the two sides to agree on anything. >> thank you very much. stefanie dekker reporting there live from ramallah in the occupied west bank. >> a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami warning in chile, at least five have been killed in an evacuation along the pacific coast is underway. the 8.2 quake struck off the coast near the border with peru. it caused landslides. lucia newman has the latest. >> within an hour of the earthquake, the first tsunami waves reached the coast. >> there has been a tsunami posted for chile, ecuador and peru. they are the closest countries to the epicentre. and the other ones - there was a
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tsunami watch posted for columbia, panama and costa rica. >> the port of iquique was vulnerable. this area has been rocked by hundreds of tremors in the last month. >> the country has dealt with the emergency well in the first few hours. i would like to ask the people who live in the affected areas to remain calm and follow instructions from the authorities, and do everything necessary to secure safety of people and families. >> the earthquake was shallow. the force was felt across a large part of south america. >> translation: it was strong and moved when i sat down. the curtain shook. it was bigger in comparison to the last one, leaving crack on buildings there were lots. i went into my apartment to
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check damage. >> neighbouring peru was affected. the authorities evacuated buildings as a precaution. >> it scared me. i was working on the pavement and said to myself what is happening: i got dizzy and realised it was shaking. >> the area in the most danger is the chilean coast. the government issued a nation-wide alert, hoping to avoid the gaj in 2010 -- damage in 2010 when an 8.8 quake triggered a tsunami killing many people in coastal towns. >> this time authorities were prepared, and there has been a number of rehearsals in the port city. unlike most earthquakes this was one that people were expecting. >> there has been violence in venezuela as protesters rallied if support of an opposition congress woman expelled from office. security forces fired tear gas
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at the crowds in caracas. this report from the rally. >> the center of caracas - as hundreds of police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters. many of the demonstrators were students. they protected themselves building barricades and attacked police for several hours. just the latest episode in a series of government protests in february. >> the national guard should be defending the people, and it's not doing that. it is defending a corrupt government destroying the country. >> protesters were detained. >> what little truth there was in venezuela is over. police waited 15 minutes, it was or when they fired tear gas at protesters. people have gathered at a nearby plaza.
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wrapped in the venezuela flag, this woman told the crowd of her determination to reclaim her seat in congress. on monday the supreme court ratified the decision to remove her from office. the venezuela authorities insisting she violated the constitution, by attending the organization of american state. she will not be silenced. the most important ideal in history, in the life of any human being is dignity s sovereignty and liberty. >> the supporters call her brave, saying they want a change in the government. >> translation: we are here to defend venezuela, it's our life, our motherland and we will not let it die. >> student representatives and union leaders tried to reach the
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national assembly. police blocked her way and government supporters demanded that she leave. >> we are defending the revolution from a fascist traitor who sells out the country. >> she was shuttled away on a motorcycle, but her fight is not over. she'll use a constitutional appeal to try to get her seat back. inside the national assembly government legislators prevent congressman from discussing the return to parliament. instead, people were dancing. while outside in the center of caracas protesters clashed for hours. after two months of protests, there's no sign that they will stop. >> hundreds of families have been left homeless in peru after the waliaga river burst its banks. it has seen days of rain fall
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and there's been flooding. people were forced to use can use to navigate the streets. >> there's more ahead this half hour, including... >> i'm bernard smith in afghanistan on the campaign trail with dr abdullah abdullah, a front runner in the election. >> and how marijuana is becoming big business, and it's all legal.
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cancelled his trip to the middle east to mediate talks after the palestine president signed treaties pushing for greater international recognition. five people have been killed in chile after an 8.2 earthquake struck the reason, triggering a tsunami warning forcing evacuatio evacuations. protesters rallied in venezuela, as protesters supported a congress woman removed from office. >> n.a.t.o. foreign ministers defended military cooperation with russia over us annexation of crimea. the secretary-general ras moussen says russian's actions pose a great threat. they agreed to strengthen military ties with ukraine. a reign for annexing by russia was it was countering growing factorism. some far-right parties have come
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out in support of what russia has done. reporting from buddha pest, the nationalist party says russia's actions were exemplary. >> people talk about the new european nationalism as having echos of the 1930s. at this church in buddha pest, it's not hien. >> that man is a leader allying himself to the germans. in the congregation sit the young men in the back of the far right. the church says it's a sanctuary for hungarians under attack. >> it's not only a duty, it's an obligation for us to protect hungarians. god created hungarians and the congregation is made up of people who look after others. >> horti was a patriot. evidently they see vladimir putin in the same way. >> we have a - an interest in seeing a growing russia that
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has, in an interesting way, defended its own interest, and which has basically created some counterweight to the west. >> they deny allegations of being funded by moscow, but they admit a relationship. >> so it appears the russian annexation of crimea genuinely said something to hard line hung airian nationalists. you may find it odd as you expect the russians to accuse yobik to be fash. >> sympathizers, they do have something in commonly. outright hostility to the european union. it's not only happening here. in recent days hard-line anti-european figures like la penn and others say they, too, support russia over crimea. >> so the ukraine crisis caused
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a phenomenon, a joint enterprise of russian and european hardline nationalism. >> they want to destruct the european union. >> does the hungarian party want to get out from the yoour een union. for hungary, it's a tragedy. >> there are more ek joes in buddha pest with the desecration of graves. >> yobik is not brave enough to say the word jew. they say globalisation, banks, new york, the i.m.f. - it all moons the jews. yobik and others are accused of factorism. they deny it. it appears they are happy to be discontent.
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playing to moscow's advantage. >> a furniture for a prominent muslim cleric shot dead in mombasa is expected to take place. he was accused by the u.n. and the u.s. of recruiting young men to shoin al-shabab fighters -- join al-shabab fighters. he's the third muslim cleric to be killed since 2012. >> al jazeera is demanding the release of three journalists held in prison for 95 days. the trial of peter greste, farmr and mohammed badr has been sturneded until april 10th. they've been accused of providing a platform to the muslim brotherhood. a fourth journalist al jazeera arabic's abdullah al-shami has been detained without trial since last august. >> thousands of commuters in mumbai have been left stranded because of an ongoing bus
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workers' strike. 26,000 drivers and conductors are protesting against a computerized scheduling system which they say will result in longer working hours. >> now to bangladesh, where garment factories have been forced to close after a team of inspectors decided the building was unsafe. the inspections began after the factory collapsed, killing more than 1,000 workers. workers relying on an income are now facing a difficult future. >> this woman and her husband began to work at the same factory over 12 years ago. they lived in a tin shack and worked hard to build a decent life for them and their severely disabled daughter. last week the factory was declared unsafe. both of them lost their jobs. >> translation: my daughter is never well. she always needs medication and treatment. it's very expensive.
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even if we don't eat, she needs to eat. now we don't have work, i don't know how we'll take care of her. >> this is a building where the couple worked. safety inspectors found flaws and ordered that several floors be evacuated. the company that they worked for shut down, leaving thousands without work. other companies suspended operations. the manager says it's a big blow for everyone involved. >> translation: it's a problem for the opener. for us and the workers, of course, now that we are closed, it's hurting our business, and that's no good for our workers. the inspections are taking place for a reason. >> unsafe buildings like this are the cause of some of the worse industrial disasters in bangladesh. last april the building collapse killed over 1,000 garment
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workers. >> we inspected about 100 factories and had a few cases where there has been significant weight reduction. this is the only one that has involved a part of the workforce not being able to work because all persons had to cease on a number of floors. >> the inspection agreement required owners to continue to pay workers while renovations took place. >> they have no idea in this will happen. what happened to the family shows the troubled garment industry will not be easy. >> in there is renewed debate in the u.s. about how to help autistic children who wander away from supervision. 49% of children with autism are likely to go missing. now, a senator wants the federal government to pay for gps tracking devices. >> these are the last known
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images of this 14-year-old alive. he was captured on close-circuit television walking out of his scoop on 14th october. authorities launched a search. three months later the remains were found in a river, kilometres from his school. >> everywhere in the community is worrying what happens with a child that wouldn't know how to get back to the family or tell anyone who they are and what they are looking for. >> 50% of children with autism wander off. 90% of deaths is from drowning. a new york senator is proposing gps devices. >> making voluntary tracking devices available will put parents at ease and save precious lives. >> ken has soul custody of his
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15-year-old non-verbal son alex. he disappeared for several hours. >> alex walked into the building with eight pliolice officers, a an older woman. he'd been walking to second avenue, and she knew him from the neighbourhood, but not where he lived. >> afterwards ken attacked tags to alex's shoe with a name and phone number. he supports the idea of a tracking device but says it could be difficult, because autistic children do not like anything touching their skin or closes. we have wristbands, but alex takes it off. not for them. a hot of kids don't like tags on the shirt. >> a gps monitor is one approach, along with education and support for families. happy endings can come down to sheer luck and the kindness of
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strangers. >> nine people, including an election candidate have been killed in northern afghanistan. they were kidnapped in the remote province by suspected taliban gunmen. the local gunmen says some of the bodies reason recovered, including two people who were beheaded. it's the last day afghans can register to vote. a front runner is abdullah abdullah. bernard smith joined him on the campaign trail in western afghanistan. >> it was chaotic, crowded and almost out of control. it seems to be how abdullah abdullah likes it. tens of thousands of people turned out in harr at to see him rally support in his second attempt to win the presidency. >> now, the size of the crowd is unnecessarily a reflection of the support for dr abdullah abdullah in herat, it shows the
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enthusiasm and interest in the process in afghanistan. abdullah abdullah crisscrossed the country on a mission to right a wrong he and many afghans felt was committed in 2009, when he lost the election to hamid karzai. it was a poll marred by widespread ballot stuffing. >> this time around the citizens will monitor the elections better. the voters are more aware of their rights. it's much better conscious decision than it used to be. and they are asking about the outcome. >> abdullah abdullah needs to get more than 50% of the vote to win outright. to help his chances he has chosen two runnirun mates he fought against, the parties they belonged too destroyed kabul. without a winner the election goes to a run-off between the top two candidates. abdullah abdullah has a warning
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for the election organizers. >> if it goes to a run-off, it's on the boots of the people. if it goes to the run-off. that will be difficult. it will be an uncertain situation. i hope that is not the case. >> ethnicity matters in afghanistan, and abdullah abdullah is half pashtun, half tagic. israelis seem to have drawn a cross section. eth nisties. they'll need to attract broad base support if they have a chance to be propelled to the presidency. >> the tens of thousands of canadians who use medical marijuana are no longer allowed to grow their own pot. it's part of a government plan to change the way the plant is grown, sold and used in the
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country. that means business is booling for licensed -- booming for loaned commercial growers. >> all legal and soon very lucrative. one of the first 12 licensed growers of medical marijuana. tweet incorporated uses an old chocolate factory to produce a different product. under cannabis laws what springs from the soil will be able online to people with a doctor's prescription. >> we have 25 strains and have more by the ipped of the month. they are -- end of the month we'll have more. they'll suffer neurological issues to glaucoma and pain and cancer treatment. >> it's illegal to smoke marijuana for fun, but the number of people using it for health reasons is expected to sore to 400,000. it turns what was once a criminal enterprise into big business. >> a community has to give its consent for a medical marijuana issue.
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the police station here in smith falls is no problem. the police station is across the street. >> this is a town where factories closed and jobs leafed pt the mayor, whose late brother used medical marijuana says any business would be welcome. >> i would be hard pressed stand and defend you, why losing 1700 jobs i turn down another 100. our community and council embraced it. >> it took months to get a growers licence. security must be tight, including background checks. finding the right people is not difficult, and the workforce will more than double. >> we have a mix of cannabis related experience and horticulture. once you get past the regulated marijuana and the licensing, it's an e-commerce business. >> a burst upped ultra-violet light to pox cannabis compounds into the flowering plants. a company's cebz to what is
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expected to grow into a billion dollar business. >> and a reminder there's more news and features as well as analysis on our website. usual address is >> hello, i'm ray suarez. one of the ways car companies know a product they're making


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